Don Moffit

Miembro desde 5 años •
"His Voice Sounds Like Coffee Smells"

Don's conversational credibility immediately connects with the listener. Whether he's acting affable, authoritative, or just funny, Don brings a warm, engaging and satisfying sound to your project.


Don honed his craft with some of the top teachers in the voice business, Marice Tobias, Elaine Clark, Harlan Hogan, Pat Fraley, among others, and continues to perfect "the seeming simple, yet demanding art of taking a cold script, breathing life into it, and sounding like one human being talking to another."


Siemens, BASF, Cisco, GE, Toyota, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nissan, Worksoft, University of Minnesota, Kia, ADP, and many others.


Post-Production, including Audiobook Punch & Roll, mastering to all audio formats, including Royalty Free Music