Dominic Rondina

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"Dominic loves to hear himself talk!"
Dominic Rondina

At a young age, Dominic would watch TV and wonder just who, what, and how all those puppets and cartoons could talk. What brought them to life? Who brought them to life?

During his pre-teen years, Dominic would film fun tooth-paste commercials with his brother. He practiced making karate instructional videos of the newest moves he learned that week with his family's VHS recorder. In his teen years, he and his friends from school would record talk radio shows and mix music over their voices hoping one day to hear themselves on the radio. Dominic knew he had to pursue a career in voice acting.

As the story goes with a lot of people, those hopes and dreams were put on hold when the real world got real. Dominic joined the CT Army National Guard in his senior year of High-School. A few short years later he was deployed to Iraq. Dominic went on to spent the better part of the last 20 years working fulltime with the National Guard and other organizations in the technology and communications field. He retired from military service in February of 2019.

Dominic knew it was time to dust off those old dreams and make them a reality. He sought out the expert teaching of Keith Alan, CEO of 57th Street Media in Tampa, FL to start that journey. Dominic, under Keith's direction, spent many hours in front of a microphone sharpening his skills and learning all he could about the business.


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