Domien De Groot

Domien De Groot

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Soothing narrator"

I'm a bilingual Belgium-based voice actor. I have a warm, comforting voice in the mid-thirties range. My character voices range from young and naive to dark and brooding. My native tongue is Flemish (which is the same as Belgian Dutch). My assumed accent in English is British RP but I can easily adapt to sound American, Australian or even Scottish. If you need a French, German, Dutch or Scandinavian accent, I can provide authenticity. I'm also the creator and one of the main voice actors of "The Will of the Woods" (Gold Ogle Award 2012) and the author/narrator of the "Witch Hunter" dramatized audiobook and "The Beast of the Western Wilds". These audio productions can be found on YouTube.


University of Antwerp: English and Dutch linguistics, specialisation in phonetics and phonology.


- FedEx
- Hilti
- Johnson & Johnson
- Sodexo
- iReachm

Museum guides:
- Museum of Fine Arts Brussels (BOZAR)
- Heuvelland

- ICT Steunpunt
- Van In
- University of Limburg

- Animation Talents

Audiobooks & audio drama:
- The Will of the Woods
- Witch Hunter
- The Beast of the Western Wilds


I can provide every aspect of postproduction, from cleaning up and editing the audio to the creation and editing of sound effects and final mixing.
You can listen to my audio work in the dramatized audiobooks of Audio Epics on YouTube.