Diriest Crowell-Buffington

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"Simply The Voice... delivering your message through voiceover."
Diriest Crowell-Buffington

My voiceover deliveries have noted to be that with good pacing, enunciation, very engaging, displaying warmth, believability and conversational tones, without being forced or "sales-like." The inspirational and meditative reads deliver relaxing, soothing tones, while at the same time providing energy.
Also, my life experiences, especially having worked in healthcare, in a major inner-city hospital setting for more than 25 years, have allowed me to be comfortable with technical and medical terminology.


I have trained and obtained instructions, and continue in such with Edge Studio, Gravy For The Brain, Backstage, Acting & Voice Studios, plus others. A few instructors include, Noelle Romano, John Foran and Haneen Arafat Murphy.


I have been a voiceover artist for a few years in the US.


Documentary and corporate narration, e-Learning, commercial, as well as the ability to act.