Dianna Conley

Dianna Conley

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Non-binary femme, LGBTQ, disabled, and Jewish!"

I bring the millennial young adult conversational read to life. I have a feminine-sounding voice, but am non-binary. I can give accurate representation to your LGBTQ characters. I am also disabled and Jewish!

Female- Child, Youth, Millennial, Adult, Elderly
Male- Child, Youth
Non-Binary- all ages. I identify as non-binary and am always happy to take on roles of any gender, though I could not believably portray a typical adult male voice.

Accents: West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Standard American, Midwest, New York/New Jersey, Southern American (GA, SC, NC, TN), Texan, Valley Girl, Russian, British (RP and Cockney)


Private Training: Anne Ganguzza, Everett Oliver, Queervox 4 Week Video Game Workshop with Sarah Elmaleh
Workshops: Marc Graue, Jennifer Hale, Lori Alan, Debi Derryberry, Jeff Howell, Andrea Toyias, Dave Fennoy, Bob Bergen, Marc Cashman, Cristina Milizia, Harry Dunn, Jodi Gottlieb, Zach Hanks,
Larry Hudson, Dave Walsh, Cissy Jones, Bruce Kronenberg, Tom Pinto, Mary Lynn Wissner, Pat Brady, Scott Parkin, J. Michael Collins


Clients Include:
Video Games:
Backfirewall, Podcast/Radio – PS4, PS5
House of the Dead Remake, Microids, Female Scientist – PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC
The Origin, Blindmaid, Badland Publishing, Ursula, Main Villain – PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC
Memento Mori, Bank of Innovation, Florence, Main Character – iOS, Android
Fleet Battle - Sea Battle, Smuttlewerk Interactive, female voice - iOS, Android
Midnight Wave, Andrew Walthall, civilian - PC
Code 7, Goodwolf Studios - Zoya - Main Character - PC
From Earth, Halflife Mod - Kra - Main Character - PC
Fashion Fantasy, Mobile Game, Main Character, Maria – iOS, Android
TesRenwal Project, Skywind, Wood Elf and Imperial Guard - PC
Soul Control, Path of Redemption, Lucky Number 13, Windmill Games, Multiple Characters - PC
Sneaky Funk, Meltdown, Final Voyage, Windmill Games, Multiple Characters -PC
The Drown, Windmill Games, Sergeant “Sapper” Falk & Reactor - PC
Shi no ganbo, Windmill Games, Wife – PC
Beyond The Veil, Death, Windmill Games, Wife - PC

Lasker's Jewelers Mother's Day Ad
Hotel Las Majadas
Ecole Wellness Spa

E Learning:
UC Davis Health System- Voice of Website Training
BilingueAnglais.com- English Language Learning Program

Short Film:
Through the Never, Narrator
Juna the Dancing Yeti - Main Character
Junga Meets Heidi - Main Character

Over a decade of radio experience
Over 20 years of live theater experience


Singing - Alto range

Spectacles Improv, Orange County
Ryan Reynolds Live Improv Team, Founding Member

Leading roles in Pride and Prejudice, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Philadelphia Story, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Blythe Spirit, Picnic, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, and Christmas Belles.