Diane Bolton

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"Mine is a voice that moves people to think, feel, & take action"
Diane Bolton

While the term "authentic" as it relates to voice actors is ubiquitous these days, my voice is truly real...trustworthy...down-to-earth. That is my personality, so my voice reflects this. What you hear is what you get with me. My voice age covers a large "middle age" span of 35-65 years of age. I'm known for my sincerity and believability, as well as quick turn-around and follow-up. I am easy to work with, which is a key element when working under tight deadlines and with vocal direction.


I have been a voice actor for several years. I studied at Voices For All, a New York-based industry leader in vocal development, production techniques, industry trends, marketing, and home studio design and creation. I received coaching with Mike Elmore of Pompano Beach, Florida, a full-time professional VO actor and VO coach.


I have done VO work across industries, and across continents. The types of organizations with which I have worked include Transportation, Fishing, Power, Real Estate, Aerospace, Politics, etc.


I am able to add provided music to my VOs.