Diana Galligan

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Friendly, approachable & professional"

With a background in comedy and business, I offer a variety of voice over options. These include friendly delivery, or authoritative, trustworthy or funny. My experience includes very technical subjects, where I can provide easily understandable deliveries of technical information. My acting training allows me to create characters or do more dramatic, authentic performances.


My training includes theatre at Ryerson University, voice over technique with Jason Deline, voice training with David Smukler, voice and acting with Sears and Switzer, acting classes with Lewis Beaumander.


I have done voice work for Virtek Laser solutions, TAB products, various online and industrial clients, as well as character voice work for several documentaries.


My special skills include characters, accents and post production services. I have a background in editing.