Devin Leigh

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"Deep American Male Voice"
Devin Leigh

You may have heard my voice on publications by major clients such as Samsung, Topps Baseball Cards, Warner Brothers, Spotify, Amazon, Titlemax, United Nations, and many others, and your project is equally important! I am available for anything needing a voice. I also have a background in acting and do animation, video games, etc.

I will provide you a professionally recorded and mastered American male voice for any project, sometimes within the same day! Your project is important to you, and it is to me! I am very easy to work with and will make sure your project is a success! Contact me below, and let's discuss how I can give a voice to your project!


Bill Dewees
Barry Yandell
Tarrant County College
Texas Tech


Feature Films include "The Great Yates", and "Santos Vive"
Samsung, Cointreau, Motel 6, Title max, Spotify, Topps Baseball Cards, Ferrari World, Credit Ninja, Tracfone, Super 8 motel, Days Inn, World Bank Treasury


I can do accents, characters, special voices, and a singer as well.