Devan Mitchell

Miembro desde 1 año •
"Believable, relatable, versatile"
Devan Mitchell

Timing. Natural delivery. Acting that is often invisible. The ability to produce theater of the mind in the production studio.


Years as a radio air-talent and producer of radio imaging, promos and commercials.


18 years as successful AM Drive host - 10 of that also as Program Director - with Morris Communications in Anchorage, Alaska. (Now owned now by Alpha Media USA). During my radio career I developed a reputation as an audio production expert in markets from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Eugene, Oregon to Anchorage, Alaska..

Over the last few years, while based here in Alaska, my voice-over and production work has been heard from Boise, Idaho to Austin, Texas to San Diego, California.


Writing, acting, characters, and the ability to put it all together in a production studio is the skill-set that probably the fewest of my peers are able to duplicate..