Dermot Arrigan

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Seasoned, creative voice actor"

On the way...


Being involved in theatre from a young age, by the mid 1990s I was considered "a Natural", at least by the people in TG4, in the west of Ireland, and coached by them on the job.


Dermot has over thirty years experience as a full time actor. From the West of Ireland originally, he was primarily a theatre actor, but in the late 1990s did his first voiceovers for The Fairytaler, an animated series based on the stories of Hans Christian Anderson, which involved many varied and hilarious characters from a a French con man in The Emperor's New Clothes to the flea in The Professor And The Flea ( He also worked on various commercial voice jobs including The Dublin Brewing Company.
Two decades ago Dermot moved to Barcelona, Spain, and quickly discovered a thriving voiceover scene. Though he concentrated on theatre, working with IPA Productions (doing many voice recordings for their shows) and other companies, he found time to do various voices in the animation movie Donkey Xote and other productions.
In 2015 Dermot decided to put theatre to one side and concentrate on voiceovers. Since then he has worked on various animation series, including the English versions of Mutant Busters, Gormiti, and more recently a new version of Pettson and Findus for German television, voicing the role of Pettson.


Show me a picture of a character and give me a context/ scene, or tell me the accent, and I'll throw a voice back at you.