Dave McClain

Dave McClain

Miembro desde 2 años •
"I'm here to exceed all expectations. Let's do something special!"

The length and variety of my experience is hard to beat. I've been earning a living with my voice for over 30 years - and I've loved everything I've had the opportunity to do.

After working as a disc jockey at my college radio station, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in education and became a high school history teacher. I did that for seven years before I decided to join the Army - as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist. For 20 years, I did television and radio hosting and news reporting for the military, all the way up to the Department of Defense level, while narrating many ceremonies and other live events along the way, including serving as an announcer for President George W. Bush's second inaugural parade.

I'm also an award-winning actor. When I retired from the Army, I took my decades of theater experience and transitioned to film and TV (completing over 100 screen acting jobs in the past 5 years) and, of course, to commercial voiceover. I am known for having a passionate commitment to every project I undertake and a strong loyalty to those for whom I work.

Given my wide-ranging experience, I am interested in and capable of a wide variety of voiceover work, especially eLearning, explainer videos, commercials and animation. My voice is most often described as conversational, friendly, intelligent and versatile. My background as a teacher and a U.S. Army senior non-commissioned officer has developed in me the work ethic, attention to detail and flexibility that you want working on your project. Your satisfaction is my main concern. Let's do something special.


I began learning VO when I was a DJ at my college’s campus radio station.

My formal VO education started with the Department of Defense's Basic Broadcaster Course at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) at Fort Meade, Maryland in 1996. That was the beginning of my 20-year Army career as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist, working in several different states, at the Pentagon and overseas.

After I retired from the Army, I began my transition from mainly news and promo voiceovers (along with live narrations) to commercial VO by completing the full course of study from SuchAVoice.com. I continue to benefit from my SAV membership, while also studying VO through a variety of online and in-person sources, workshops and training sessions.


As someone who has only been applying his decades of VO experience to commercial VO for a relatively short period of time, the commercial VO jobs I've done so far have been local or limited in nature.

My biggest VO accomplishments to date were being chosen for and completing the following jobs:
- one of the five military broadcasters who helped stand up The Pentagon Channel, which reached military bases worldwide, along with civilian cable distributors in the U.S.
- as an announcer for President George W. Bush's second inaugural parade
- working with the Jordanian Armed Forces, narrating a military-oriented video for use during an international ceremony attended by a member of the Jordanian royal family


I am a published writer and experienced professional copy editor who has often had the opportunity to copy edit and/or suggest changes to many different kinds of scripts.

I offer this service to my VO clients, when it is requested, for an additional $20 per hour (one hour minimum) above the agreed-upon voicing fee for the project in question.