Dave Kresl

Dave Kresl

Miembro desde 2 años
"Funny regular guy, but not too funny"

I have an everyday guy voice. Kinda funny, kinda acerbic, very directable! I have been an engineer and have directed talent for years and so I know how to get a script to finished product!


I have been in the recording studio business for twenty plus years. I have been a post production engineer recording and mixing thousands of television, radio and web spots. That naturally transitioned into doing voice over because copywriters were on a deadline or working multiple accounts and needed scratch tracks recorded but had no time. I soon became the go to guy within the agency and realized that I could do it for real!


SC Johnson, Off!, Glade, Raid!, Ziploc, Bud Light, Coors Light, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Grainger, Quaker ... many others


I am also a musician (guitar, bass, keyboards) and sing. In addition, I consult voice overs on the construction and work flow of a home studio.