Cyd Vandenberg

Cyd Vandenberg

Miembro desde 3 años
"The Voice that will make your client stand out from the crowd!"

Voice over, Theatre, Film, TV and Radio in Canada and the USA. Nationally syndicated on the Rock Radio Network, and the signature voice of Hurgada Radio, Egypt, the voice of North Americas Miffy and typecast as the Bad Apple in Veggie tales.

Cyd Vandenberg is the voice of the USA’s Department of Homeland Security online training tutorials , and most recently the voice of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation AGM.

Client satisfaction translates to personal satisfaction!

Whether it's medical or pharmaceutical copy, documentaries, station imaging or commercials, I'll lift your copy off the page and make your client stand out from the crowd!


Radio Announcer
Radio PD
Talk Show Host
TV Host

Bachelor Fine Arts Acting University of Windsor
Vocal Training Singing/Voice U of W
Trinity College Chicago


A few highlights,

the Paul Newman Foundation - so exciting to talk about the good work they do around the world!

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation AGM 2014/2016 - think he'll give me some 'puter' swag?

Microsoft-Tutorials for software programs - hmm still no swag

Tiffany & Co. - their security training course, and no, no diamond swag either

The voice of 'the Department of Homeland Security' Online Awareness Course - and yes...I do get special attention at the gate... when I mention it

Whirlpool - the voice of the Goddess campaign, one of the most expensive in ad history...and yet I am still working for a living

TIFF Bell Lightbox – Fellini - dagnabbit, should've negotiated for red carpet privileges

The Shaw Festival

Samsung Smart TV - and yes I convinced myself and bought one

Woodbine Race Track - The Queens Plate

Kimberly Clarke - no I didn't sell toilet paper for them, I taught the employees worldwide all about how not to hurt yourself making toilet paper

Amazon - another tutorial about how NOT to hurt yourself on the job

Petsmart - another tutorial about how NOT to hurt yourself on the job, what the heck is going on in these companies???

Philips – Flouroscope tutorial…ow

Haliburton - I now know all about drilling underwater...yeah...that'll come in handy someday

Texas Film Hall of Fame 2009/2010:Awards Announcer - like announcing the Oscars, Texas style!
Texas A&M University
KBTX - TV News Team Imaging promos
WBZ TV Boston“Boston Marathon”
NBC Connecticut
KIRO 7 Seattle

Vegas PBS…and I'm the voice of the Vegas Monorail

Vocaboly - University of British Columbia...literally reading the dictionary and yes, it WAS mind numbing

Miffy (PBS kids / TVO / Treehouse) Narrator - speaking of mind numbing

Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Bad Apple- ‘The Bad Apple'...yeah yeah yeah we all know I was typecast

Totally Spies: Ep:56 'Space Much' – ‘Lady Luna’, the villain...hmm, do I detect a trend here?

Cal IT - Los Angeles (personal auto direction guidance) so, if you get lost in Hellay, it's my fault BWAHAHAHA
Cal IT 2 - San Francisco & Area (personal auto direction guidance ) cannot get lost in SF

The Black bearded Barbarian of Taiwan: Documentary
The Defiant Ones: Documentary
One Country, the Tamil struggle: Documentary
Diabetes UK: Documentary-did that one with a posh Brit accent
Ontario Works – First Nations On line e learning ONWAA
Deloitte & Touche Podcast Interviews....yawn (no offense guys)

OK, so it wasn't a brief list, but it does give you an idea of what I can do.


My voice is special, so is my customer service!