Cristofer Eik

Cristofer Eik

Miembro desde 9 años
"Solid, one-stop-shop for Norwegian male voicing needs!"

I aim to ONLY have 100% satisfied clients. As a trained and professional voice over artist for the past decade, I have established myself as one of Norway's most recognised voices. This is mainly through regular work with the biggest Satellite Broadcasting company in Norway, but also through other television, radio and internet promos, ads or instructional material. I have worked with over 50 companies, ranging from the largest oil companies and IT firms to smaller businesses who want to reach out to new prospective clients. Whatever your voice over needs are, however you want it and whenever you want it; that's what you get from me.

I am a native American English speaker as well and can do voice overs in English too - no Norwegian accent (unless requested of course! :).


- 10 years of Professional Voice Over Experience with very satisfied clients

- BA(hons) Performing Arts (Acting) from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, class of 2003


Snapshot & Examples:

- (Television, Radio & Internet) - Promos, Sales Spots, Movie Trailers and Instructional material for Viasat Braodcasting channels

- (Video) Narrator on English translated version of Chinese controversial documentary "River Elegy" (English)

- (Video) Narrator on IKEA & Shell Instructional material (Norwegian)

- (Video) Promotional material for Masdar - Abu Dhabi-based Energy company (Norwegian)

- (Television & Radio) Advertisements for Dell Computers (Norwegian)

- (Television) Voice Over Director for Nicorette advertisements on television (Norwegian)

- (Radio) Advertisements for Dell Computers, Viasat Broadcasting, various radio channel sponsors (Norwegian)

- (Internet) Trailer for StarCraft II Digitec Domination Tournament in Switzerland

- (Internet) Promos and Instructional Material for companies such as Masdar, Coca-Cola, Formir, Remove the Background, Viasat Broadcasting, Visumservice, DanMusikk, Tailwind Airlines, and a number of various financial services companies, among others (Norwegian)

- (Video game) DJ and narrator for Hellgate - game developed for the SEGA Dreamcast (English)