Connie Wallace, the voice of M.A.D.D.

Connie Wallace, the voice of M.A.D.D.

Miembro desde 2 años •
"3-Time SOVAS & One Voice Nominee: Warm, deep, conversational"

I am a THREE-Time SOVAS "Voice Arts" Nominee for 2021 as well as a THREE- Category One Voice Award Nominee for 2021. I have a very versatile voice and can be "real", conversational, corporate, nurturing, reassuring, influencing. I can also be commanding and convey gravitas, excitement and passion. I have a range from young adult to senior. I have experience in VO, on-camera info-mercials, former radio host and currently podcast producer and host.


Former radio host, currently podcast producer and host. I was "discovered" at a young age by an industry professional (TV/Radio host) and dubbed a "natural talent". Since then, I have worked consistently as a VO artist and have sharpened my skills with several VO coaches.


The Voice of M.A.D.D.,, Aroma Joe's Coffee, FirstLight Home Care, Walter Reed Medical Center, The Knowledge Network and many, many more organizations, brands and products. .


I can do very credible Boston, NY, NJ accents