Clare O'Donnell

Clare O'Donnell

Miembro desde 3 años
"Warm, husky and youthful"

My most valued attribute in voice over work is my ability to take direction effectively. As I come from a theatrical background I have worked and developed emotive and variable deliveries. Furthermore, I have developed positive working relationships with post production companies and clients who have booked me repeatedly. I am extremely enthusiastic and motivated to develop my voice over career.


I initially recorded a voiceover reel after graduating from acting and performance. From this point I have steadily increased my knowledge and understanding of voice training through experience and online courses such as through gravy for the brain.


Most of my work has been on radio with government campaigns and some smaller businesses local to Glasgow such as shopping centres commercial projects. I have a small amount of experience with voice over for animation and would like to increase my work in this field.


I have worked with clients to adapt the script to better suit the character portrayal as well as to address the audience in the manner which they want to communicate their message.