Claire Johnstone

Claire Johnstone

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"Perfectly bilingual in English & French with no accent"

I've been raised by an English father and a French Canadian mother, so I don't have an accent in either language.

I am a professionally trained theatre actor, so acting chops are my biggest asset. I am extremely versatile, great at taking direction, and constantly making interesting choices.

I have a broadcast-quality recording studio at home, so I offer high-quality audio and a very prompt turnaround time.


I've attended two theatre conservatories, both in English and French. I've studied languages, diction, dialects, and accents and obtained my Bachelor of Performing Arts.

I am continually training in acting and voice acting, continuously learning and honing my skills.


In VO my clients include:

Best Buy
Victoria's Secret
& many more


I edit all audio and offer translation services for projects that I voice.