Christopher Power

Miembro desde 3 años
"Natural, deep smooth voice."

Many people have complimented my voice, and said that it is smooth like peanut butter, so I encourage you to bring some bread and jelly when listening. I have a wide range, and character voices. I have been compared to Perry Como, called Velvety, and have been told that I can give Morgan Freeman a run for his money when compared to voice. I love working in the industry, completed 42 Audio books, two which are Audi Nominees, featured on Toy Chest Tales, and various cartoons.
I take direction, have a home studio, and do what I can to nail the project.
My voice is a natural deep smooth voice, which is engaging but not distracting from the project.


I discovered my voice at a young age, but never thought of doing voice acting. I have been a voice actor for over two years now. My training is extensive and I am still taking new classes when able.
ACX University Program
Johnathan Potts - One on one coaching from Second City
John Stocker - One on one coaching from Premier Artist
Melaine Ann Davis - One on one coaching from Switch Board
Mike Kirby - One on one coaching from Voice Worxs
Ron Rubin - One on one coaching.
I have taken weekend workshops, voice programs, and hired on the above as a coach for a period of time. Currently I have been with Ron Rubin for eight months taking classes, and training.


Since I have started my voice acting, I have focused a lot of my attention in audio book narration from Audible, I have done some work for, along with provided voices for freelance in terms of animation.
My biggest achievements so far are, landing a role for a pilot tv show, and having two of my audio projects Nominated for an Audi award.


I will record lines to the best of my ability, complete in either WAV, or MP3 whichever is needed. Treat the files to meet requirements. I do not add any "effects" to my recordings. However I can do accents.