Christina Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez

Miembro desde 8 años •
"Conversational, Authoritative, Friend next door"

I'm a full-time VO Actor living and working in NYC. I've been lending my voice to everything from tv and radio commercials to stuffed animals and cartoons for nearly 15 years. I love creating characters, finding a unique interpretation of VO copy, as well as working with clients to give them exactly what they're looking for. I have a singing background (I studied music at FSU) and still love to sing. Gimme a shout - I'd love to work with you!


I've taken classes with talent agent Linda Weaver, Bob Bergen, Marice Tobias and Mary Lynn Wissner


Nearly 15 years of voice overs. I've done pretty much everything including commercials (both radio and TV), character work, narration, IVR and corporate videos.


I love to sing! I have a singing background and can read music