Chris Stolz

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Relatable, Friendly & Trustworthy Voiceovers"

Chris is the voice of the smart, personable guy next door. The voice of the guy you're always happy to grab drinks with and, when he tells you to buy something, you can trust that it will be good. Drop it down an octave and he's the tough military captain. Crank up the energy and he'll deliver one of the best 'game show host' style voices you've ever heard.

He started as a magician and stage actor, before progressing to screen and voiceover. With 15+ years experience, Chris brings an actors approach to voice acting. Whether you're looking for the voice of someone you trust or an animated character, Chris can transform his voice like a chameleon to meet your needs.

Funny story: Chris once sent a client an audition demo with 3 characters arguing. When asked who the other two actors were, Chris simply replied, "Me. I'm every voice."

For the most part, Chris records on a Rode NT1 and the M-Audio Producer being used when the work demands it. Everything is run through a pre-amp and is delivered clean with compression and levels taken care of for you. All editing and mixing is done in Adobe Audition.


Chris has over 30 years as an actor with professional work on stage and screen. He has worked with various vocal coaches (both singings and voiceover) over the years.


Various clients over the years including Burlington Foodies, Siphon Strategy, Executive Drafts, SplinterFree, WriteMeALoveSong and various others.


Lots of characters, some spot-on impressions like Hank Hill, Kermit Christopher Walken. A few key accents including British RP, Irish, Stereotypical Canadian and American Southern. Technically, Chris can mix and master with the best of them to ensure that you have professionally produced audio to work with.