Chris Ogle

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Engage Your Audience!"
Chris Ogle

I have a very warm and engaging voice that works well for anything from dynamic reads and soothing tones, to articulate, technical projects with a professional sound.
General American, American Mid-West, American-Southern, American-Western.


I started voice over work back in 2008 here in Nashville, TN. It piqued my interest as a senior in high school when people started telling me I should do voice over for a living. Back then I was trying to figure out how to use my baritone voice in choir in high school as well as playing blues shows in downtown Nashville when my parents would let me borrow the car.
I started college and music began to take over my evenings - the weekday rehearsals and weekend gigs. I ended up doing that full time but a decade later I still felt the itch to get into voice over. Now I track, edit, and produce right in my own home. How can I help you connect and engage your audience?