Chris Dawes

Chris Dawes

Miembro desde 6 años •
"IT made interesting to motorsports commentating"

I started by giving business presentations for a software company, and was accused of making IT interesting (no mean feat), to then professionally commentating on motorsport throughout Europe at circuits and for TV/radio. As a result I have been approached to do voice over work and have now expanded my abilities, and have an office with a studio set up.
Apparently my deep, friendly and engaging voice lends itself to styles such as "sports guy", "energetic", "outdoorsy", "guy next door", "Dad" (friendly rather than posh Dad), and have an RP accent.


Business presenting coaching, then personal experience and commentating, presenting, and hosting live events every week. I have also done Hudson Voice Technique course, and a Voice Over workshop with the Actors Centre.


Being paid to commentate throughout Europe on all levels of motorsport.
Being repeatedly booked to host various types of live events (business and sports)
TV/Radio presenting
It all started when I got approached having been heard commentating to do some voice over work for Royal Mail, a charity, a radio station, and Motors TV, and internet feeds. As a result, I chose to become pro-active and approach the voice over industry properly and now have involvement a wide of variety of projects.


Live sports commentating
TV/Radio Presenting
Business Presenter
Public Speaking/Presentation Skills/Communication Skills Coach/Mentor (Open Dawes Training -