Catherine Carter

Catherine Carter

Miembro desde 9 años •
"Professional, sexy, confident, seductive, trustworthy, energetic"

Professional, sexy, confident, seductive, empathic, serious, energetic, friendly, conversational, informative, funny, charismatic, cute, cockney Londoner, transatlantic, nutty, girl next door, street, playful, calm, sarcastic, grounded, honest, trustworthy, cool, inquisitive...Catherine Carter is fabulously British!


• BA(Hons) Media Studies, University of Westminster, London
• Beginners Voiceover Classes with Peter Rofé
• Private Voiceover Training with Edge Studios NYC
* Voiceover Training with Marc Graue
• Voiceovers The LA Way Seminar with Marc Graue and Bettye Zoller
• Voiceover Marketing with Tom Dheere


Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from the University of Westminster, London, Catherine immersed herself in every entrepreneur’s paradise - New York City. Boasting an impressive 14 years of entertainment business and media experience including public relations and marketing, video production, artist management, image consultancy, and event planning, she’s able to understand the client’s needs with such ease while delivering impeccable results flawlessly with her voice. Catherine currently resides in New York.

Clients include:
AQ Skin Solutions, Be, Clio Image Awards, NHS, Oculus Rift Meditations, Nespresso, Listerine, Oleg Cassini, Purina One Catfood, Samsung Galaxy, Sotherby's Realtor International, Virgin Atlantic


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