Cat Protano

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"A believable, conversational, and calming voice"
Cat Protano

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I am a professional voice actress with a bright, conversational, and trustworthy voice. I record in Boston, MA using a broadcast-quality home setup. Ranging from sweet and light to deep and sexy. My voice is dynamic for character and commercial work. I specialize in video games, audiobooks, and ADR.

My voice is perfect for that relatable Gen Z read, or calming, inspirational narration.


Rachael Messer - Career Mentorship, Villains Workshop, VA Marketing Class
Eliza Schneider - Character Acting Academy and Dialect Training
Sonny Strait - Voice Acting Workshop (focus in ADR, auditions, and monologues)
Crispin Freeman - Voice Acting Mastery Class
Tom Aglio - Career Coaching
Tony Oliver and Dorah Fine - Auditioning Approaches
William Esper Studio - Acting Technique Intensive


Clients: DirecTV, Big Fish Games, Kiwi Brothers Studio, Team Forbidden, Digital Dreams, AmadeusRocked, Puppet's Bunker Studio, the city of Moreno Valley.


I also specialize in post-production, scriptwriting, and several dialects.