Carolina Mout

Carolina Mout

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Dutch voice: warm, trustworthy, intelligent & fun!"

I started doing voice work when it was 'not done' in The Netherlands in the eighties. Luckily I decided to go my own way and now I have done basically everything there is to be done in the voice business: thousands of radio- and tv commercials for all the big brands: Ambi Pur, Persil, Max Factor, Hema, FNV, Miele, Vodafone Voicemail etc., my voice can be heard on hundreds of telephone systems (NN, Nuon, Miele, Vitens, Evides etc) a.o. I have been the corporate voice for ING and KLM and I used to be Wendy, Dizzy and Scrambler in Bob the Builder, the mother in Phineas & Ferb etc. I am flexible; in my time, but also in tone of voice, since I am a professional actress and singer. I am a voice coach, so I know the drill. I know what I am reading and even after all these years, I still love my job.


I am a professional trained actress: Theaterschool Amsterdam: Academie voor Kleinkunst (performing arts: acting, singing and moving) and I have been directed by the hotshots in the business; in theatre as well as in the studio.


Being the voice over for Max Factor for over 20 years!, the account going from bureau to bureau, but I stayed on for as long as possible. Vodafone voicemail for over 15 years now, public transport in Rotterdam, The Hague and surroundings and now also on the Metro platforms in Amsterdam! Voice over for the government and even being listened to by the King & Queen and all the politicians in The Netherlands. Being in Disney films and over all: being diversely employable and at the same time very me.


Singing and training people in performing arts as well as in all situations where you need to speak up and present yourself.