Carman Wilson

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Sultry, Authentic, Neighborhood Mom, Poet!"
Carman Wilson

It is one thing to be heard, it is another thing to be remembered. The message, the words, the content are all important, but without the right messenger, even the most profound message and insightful information can fall flat. What one needs is a communicative, engaging, clear and reputable vocal talent capable of relating that message in a way that is not only easy to understand, but is impactful and remembered; I understands this and with extensive training and unparalleled experience in the vocal arena, I will ensure that you have the voice so your customers remember.


I am a certified voiceover artist and have received coaching and training from J. Michael Collins. Thanks to J. Michael's coaching and demo production, I have gained the in-depth knowledge and experience required to become the professional voice-over artist I am today. Also as a member of Gravy for the Brain, I am regularly taking courses to develop and enhance my new skillsets.


A certified voiceover artist receiving coaching and demo production with J. Michael Collins.
A member of Gravy for the Brain where I have taken numerous courses to develop and enhance my new skillsets.


I can also sing.