Caleb McCoy

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Authentic, Non-Announcery, Guy Next Door"
Caleb McCoy

I am the most laid back, natural sounding guy you're ever going to hear. I can still sound compelling but not in an over the top way. I'm perfect for that non announcer delivery.


Voice Coach-Eileen Kimble, Atlanta

I began my voice over journey while studying French in Chambéry, France. I recorded the English version of a Troubadour Leader for a theme park.


Clayton Homes Red Tag Sale Campaign-Draft Agency

Relais & Chateau- Morten Andersen Director

Speedometer- Wingmen Media

Eolo- Morten Andersen Director

La Provençale- Frameart Media

MAN Burnout- Workflow Films

Stuttgart Stadium-Mediabit Films

Consumption and Finance Short- Gravity GmbH

JFK: The Last Speech Documentary- Northern Light Productions

Show of Hands-Montroy Andersen Demarco- Mika Altskan Director

The Open Space We Seek-Kyle Couture- Director

Clandestino Films- Beirut

The Years Never Knew- Camp Buy Me Love Productions-

Camp Fitch- North Springfield, PA USA


I can sing Bob Dylan or go Johnny Cash. I also have some character voices up my sleeve.