Bryant Cantrell

Bryant Cantrell

Miembro desde 1 década
"Deep Powerful Commanding Friendly Sincere"

Deep and powerful. Commanding and sincere. Can pull off a strong falsetto for comedic voices. North American southern is my native dialect. Can give an authentic U.S. southern accent when needed.


Lyndie White Wenner workshop, Nashville, TN, 2002. Marc Graue workshop, Burbank, CA, 2009. Broadcast major and vocal minor, MTSU university, Murfreesboro, TN.


Marc Graue. Lyndie White Wenner.


Bit of a computer geek. Build my own pc's and engineer my own studio. All-around electronics wiz and Mr. Fix-It guy when it comes to computers and electronics. Compose instrumental music as a hobby and passion. Can provide original music for projects. Can do a "dead on" Sean Connery impression.