Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Miembro desde 7 años
"Gravitas, Authority and Warmth."

I am a film and tv actor and a singer with many years experience both in the studio and on stage. V.O. work and acting are one in the same and I am confident that I can bring real conversation and emotion (life) to the mic whenever necessary.


My V.O. experience began in France, the studio with an Ad for Coke. I worked regularly from that point doing ads for many named brands.


I was the singing voice of an ad for "Veet" which was released worldwide.
I was the singing voice for an ad for "Givenchy" which also was released world wide.
I am the actor and voice of the "Doritos" ad which is airing in the U.S. right now in 2016 and will go worldwide before 2017.
I worked with Swedish company Dice for EA's video games Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2. I voice the character Sgt. Redford.


I am a profession singer of jazz, soul, blues and pop with over 30 years experience.