Brian Nordin

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"Warm & friendly? Bold & strong? In the middle? I can do it!"

I’m skilled in many types of voiceover work, with specializations in corporate video narration, eLearning, commercial narration and explainer videos. My voice has been described many ways, ranging from warm, friendly and inviting to bold and intimidating. I can deliver an eLearning course that helps lead the audience on a journey of discovery or can make your company or new product stand out with a powerful message.

I am a professional voice actor with a technical & engineering background and 21 years of work experience in the automotive industry. My educational background and ability to learn new ideas and concepts quickly make me well-suited to understand your message and deliver it in the manner you envision.

I am also a husband to an amazing wife, and a father of 2 amazing boys as well as a proud, lifelong resident of the state of Michigan in the USA.


My initial voice training was with Voice Coaches Creative Voice Development Group and has been followed with several private coaches.


My two biggest customers to date have been Beyond Clean, who uses me for their weekly "Articles on the Go" feature, as well as, who has me voice the vast majority of their blog articles. Additionally I have done narration for Infineon Semiconductors, Cedura, Levante UD football/soccer club and Hevo Data, Inc. I have also provided described audio work for Caption Easy.


While I am not fluent, I have the ability to pronounce Spanish and Japanese words well due to both my classroom learning and extensive travels in countries that speak these languages.