Brian Henkel

Brian Henkel

Miembro desde 6 años •
"The voice that listens."

I'm here to help you engage your audience with a sound that is smart, savvy, strong, and sincere.

As a voice-over talent, I love working with content creators to bring their projects to life with personality and performance that leaves the speaker or earbud and surfs into the mind and heart of the listener.

Since 2014, I’ve recorded thousands of voice-over narrations for commercials, video games, corporate presentations, eLearning courses, and more for companies and brands including Disney Pixar, NHL, TOMY, ReMax, and United Airlines.

However, I didn’t always use my voice to speak into microphones. In another life, I worked in sales management, where I spoke with clients face to face. Remember when that was a thing?

Today I bring the same kind of authentic personal touch into the recording studio. Coaches and clients describe my voice as trustworthy, conversational, exciting, authoritative, and fun. We all like fun, right?

I have an extensive background in audio and video production. My work in this area has been seen and heard in award-winning narrative films and documentaries. This additional skill set ensures I deliver professional and polished results the first time.

I know providing your production with a voice requires more than speaking into microphones. I listen to what your needs are and partner with you to craft a voice-over that makes us both want to reach through our internet connection and bump fists.

That is until we create our secret handshake.

Thanks again for taking a moment to learn more about me. Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss how we can work together to make your next production a success.

If you’d like to hear more from me (literally), please visit my website at - It’s loaded with even more video and audio samples of my V.O. work.

I look forward to hearing (literally or in writing) from you soon!


Edge Studio


Brian's voice has been heard in local and national productions for many clients and companies including Disney Pixar, Tomy Toys, Amazon, f.y.e. and more!


Full production services are available including editing, mixing, and mastering. Brian has extensive experience with audio and video production including post production work on many award-winning films and video work seen and heard worldwide.

Brian is dedicated to working and collaborating with all clients to ensure they are 100% satisfied with each and every job.