Brandon Maloney

Miembro desde 10 meses
"A voice of character, strength and distinction!"

The word that best describes my voice is Distinct! Not from one individual but so, so many who can identify who I am by the sound of my voice after hearing it the first time. I have recorded video and audio projects for nearly 30-years now and it is that distinction in my voice I exude when focusing on a project; the right pitch, the right speed, authoritative but still a conversational sound to convey the message of my client.


Alan Desert (Actor’s School),
Joe Loesch (Booth Camp)
Leonard Dozier (Behind the MIC)
T-VOE member


Madison Park-A Place of Hope Narrator Eric Motley

Take the Lid Off Narrator Smokie Norfil

Voluntarily recorded books on tape for the visually impaired for 15 years at the Nashville Talking Library

Audio Productions Narrator Would You Call

Clear Voice Solutions Narrator Clear Voice Solutions

PureSafety Narrator E-Learning

TN Dept of Correction Narrator TDOC-Recurring

Mt. Zion MB Church Narrator Mt. Zion MB Church

Baptist Hospital Narrator RukusFilm Inc.

Ascend Federal Credit Uniont Narrator Hale & hearty Inc.

Delta Community Credit Union Narrator Chris Conner


Sing Baritone but only in Church