Brandon Jenkins

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"A calming, sincere, friendly voice that you can trust."
Brandon Jenkins

Originally working as an elementary teacher, my best lessons always involved creating character voices to better help kids get engaged in learning. I learned how much a voice alone can change how people view the world. A calm, serine voice could relax and focus a class to remain more attentive on a story I was reading. Silly and goofy voices added some humor and engagement into a potentially dull math lesson. If class got too rowdy, simply applying a slightly deeper, more authoritative tone to an "A-hem" could draw the students attention and quite them down, at least for a moment

​ For several years, I've been learning and training more in voice over. I now have had the honor to apply these lessons and more to animations, games, visual novels, audio dramas, commercials, and more!


I've taken the Voice 101 course on CCC, a vocal boot camp with Rachael Messer, as well as several one of lessons with the likes of big name talents such as Chuck Huber, Steve Blum, and Indy talent like Melissa Medina.


I've been fortunate enough to work on an animation, "Sow Don't Sing", which has been in several short film festivals, a multitude of mobile games, ranging from War Robots, Awkening of Heroes, and Contra: Returns, as well as a handful of console Indy games, such as Brok: The Invetigator by CowCat Games, and SteamDolls - Order of Chaos by The Shady Gentleman. In addition to that, I've been on a number of podcasts and audio dramas over the years.


I have modest skills in post production, noise clean up, some slight knowledge of how to tweak EQs to get some different vocal effects.