Bobbi Maxwell

Bobbi Maxwell

Miembro desde 7 años
"Upbeat, friendly, caring, conversational, trusting and confidant"

I can go from being caring/honest to fun/upbeat to somber/reflective in a heartbeat! I have the ability to emote on many different levels.


I've been doing voice over for 20+ years now, including producing/writing/editing script. It all started as a need to act, plus a radio career, and finally freelance. I'm still learning everyday about this great industry!


I've voiced many E-learning projects for HP, countless auto commercial voice overs (Toyota/Chevrolet/Nissan/Hyundai,etc), young voices for The Disney Channel mock-ups, a Bravo Channel case study, a Verizon web project, just to name a few national clients.


I can add music/sfx to voice overs with additions to the budget.