Bob Straley

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"Conversational and friendly regular guy sound."
Bob Straley

Giving conversational reads with the sound of your big brother, your dad, or even your grandfather giving insight to the days gone by. Having a technical history gives me the ability to catch on quickly to some complicated words that others may have a hard time grasping, as well as a personal need to be thorough and precise on words and audio quality before sending the final product.


Coaching and demo production with J Michael Collins, personal branding coaching from Deb Monro, and keeping my finger on the pulse of what is going on in the Voiceover industry as well as finding new way to sharpen my skills on a regular basis with the help of all the wonderful people at Gravy for the brain.


I am currently unable to give any company names at this time (I'll update when possible)


My technical job history and work with people from multiple nationalities and cultures has made it easier to pronounce more complicated and sometimes rarely seen words.