Bob Kuhn

Bob Kuhn

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Resonant, cultured, experienced: British class/Aussie directness"

A deep voice, steeped in culture and experience. Resonant, persuasive delivery that blends a touch of British class with distinctive Australian directness. Crisp, confident, and convincing — with wit and whimsy on command.

Whatever the medium — from narrative to commercial — your words come across with meaning intact and impact assured.

Numerous audio books in widely disparate fields, ranging from
 Children's books to Shakespeare scholarship
 Science to science fiction
 Histories to mysteries

Voice messaging and IVR recording

Business/technology video and presentation work

A range of live event announcing, from game shows and Arabian horse shows to wedding celebrations and play-by-plays for medieval warfare reenactments


Polished voice work via study with Such A Voice masterclass.

Refined pronunciation of foreign words and phrases with studies in French, German, and Latin, plus wide international travel and research skills.

Gained seasoned knowledge of vocal persuasion via countless live business, academic, and technical presentations.

Sold concepts, services, and products to everyone from IT executives, mathematicians, and students to architects, facilities managers, and law enforcement professionals.

Prepared (a bit unconventionally) for later voiceover career by obtaining doctorate in math and cultivating distinguished career in information technology. Also studied a good bit of philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography. (A great voice goes further with a good mind behind it.)

Three final, important courses of voice training:
Playing poker taught me to lie for the greater good. Right out loud.
Watching football taught me to yell my heart out, but with dignity.
And mastering haute cuisine taught me that a good cook can call people to dinner very quietly … but believe me, they’ll come.


Spy Pond Productions for National Geographic Channel
True Tone Studios
National Library Service