Bob Carter

Miembro desde 8 años •
"If Sunlight had a Sound This would be it..."
Bob Carter

Texas Drawl, Southern twang, Big Beefy Bad Guys Who Make Things Go Boom, Sexy Smooth Love Butter in your Ears, Nice Guy you'd trust your money and your sister with, the Dude you KNOW is having a great time, and the Voice of Authority... Just let me know which one(s) you want and/or need! :) I'm happy to oblige...


Commercials, Industrials & Corporate Narration, Books-on-Tape, Video Games, and Cartoons... You want it... I can do it! You can find me on IMDB, Amazon, or you can always just Google me. :)


Commercials: Denny's, Main Event, American Red Cross, American Fidelity Financial Services, Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Atlanta Opera, Best Buy
Blockbuster Music, Comedy Central, Chili’s,Corona Beer, Hi-Country Outfitters, Naya H2O, Provident Consumer Financial Services, Red Hook Beer, Shorter College, Sony Music, Spin Street Music, Texas A & M, TV52 KDFI Dallas/Ft. Worth, U.S. Army WAGA TV5 Atlanta, Zoo Atlanta,WUPN TV69 Atlanta

Industrials: ADT Security Systems, Amplified website,
Grant/Riverside Medical Services, Project Management Services, F.A.T.S.—Firearms and Training Systems, Susquehanna Radio Business Imaging
Bennigan’s—The Richards Group, American Express Financial Advisors, IBM, inc.

Anime: Gorobei Katayama- Samurai 7, Sig- Full Metal Alchemist, Makabe- Speedgrapher, Bojack- Dragonball Z, Syn Shenron- Dragonball GT, Wolf Göring- Blassreiter, Ricardo- El Cazador de la Bruja, Narrator- Baki the Grappler, Aokiji, Gedatsu, Dory- One Piece, Goldie- Beck, Gensai- Lupin the 3rd & more

Video Games: Shao Kahn & Baraka in Mortal Kombat 9, Balrog in Street Fighter IV, the marines, elites, & grunts in Halo Wars, Bojack in Dragonball Z, Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, Atari Zoids, Ghostbusters, Timberrr, & more

Books on Tape: The Dragon of Lonely Isle, The Fellowship of the Ring, and War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars

Smooth, confident, witty, nice, intelligent, sexy, and fun! Just about everything you'd want in a male voice talent. :) Just think of me as Awesome Sauce for your ears and money for your projects!
By the way, thanks in advance for your time and consideration. I sincerely appreciate you listening to me!


Bob Carter


Ask the guys about me at the Richards Group, Dallas Audio Post, Charlie Uniform Tango, Post Asylum, Cat's Paw in Atlanta, Station 22 in L.A.

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