Bethan Screen

Bethan Screen

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Bright, engaging, versatile VO adding character to your copy."

I'm a British VO Artist working remotely for clients around the world, from my home studio here in London. I am comfortable voicing a range of styles and as an actor and theatre-maker by training, I love to use my skill for creating well-defined characters, making bold choices and adding a playful and engaging edge to give life and conviction to your copy whether its an audiobook, a commercial or corporate or explainer video.


Voiceover training with Gravy for the BrainAfter getting professional voiceover work since 2015 my passion and enjoyment of the art form grew and in 2019 I decided to bolster my experience and learn from the best!

Rose Bruford College - European Theatre Arts2011-2014 I completed my BA (Hons) in European theatre practice. As part of this I had voice classes weekly throughout the 3 years of training as part of my training as a performer. It was a stimulating, challenging and varied program that allowed me to discover my own tastes and strengths as a performer as well the value of collaboration, adaptability and hard work. All qualities that are essential to working as a VO artist.

ESAD Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Murcia - Erasmus exchange programme Interpretación: Teatro de Creación (Acting: Creative Theatre) in 2013 for a 3 month period of study, all classes in Spanish. Included classes included, singing, expressive voice and performing classical Spanish texts.

École Internationale de Théatre Jacques Lecoq From 2016-2017 I trained at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris on the professional acting course. The emphasis at this school is on performance as play. This taught me to add playfulness and experiment with my voice. Here I also performed in French, Spanish and English.


ITY FIBRE - REGIONAL COMMERCIAL -2022 - Voice Over - Matinee
KENSINGTON MORTGAGES - 2022 - Voice Over - Cockatiel - 10 Group
PLAYMAKER SHOWCASE - 2020 - Voice Over -Miriam, Gladys, Narrator, Young Linda -Oxford Playhouse Eleanor Warr
AVOCOR - 2022 - Voice Over - Scottish narrator - FortyFourSixteen
MEPASSPORT - 2022 -Voice Over -Southpoint Films
BENCHMARK LAB- 2021 - Voice Over - Neil Productions
CRYOGENE LAB - 2021 - Voice Over - Neil Productions
PACKING AND STORAGE EXPLAINER FILMS - 2021 - Voice Over -Southpoint Films
TUNESPOTTER - 2021 -Voice Over - (UK and US accent) -Bull and Wolf Film
EDAPP X UNITAR -2021 -Voice Over
FLORIM - 2021 - Voice Over - Sample Milano
INDESIT- 2021 - Voice Over - Mum - Sample Milano
VAREY TALE - 2021 -Voice Over - Sadie - Varey Tales. -Nick Varey
HYDRATION - THE FOLDED HAWK - 2020 - Voice Over - Jess (voice) - Alex M.J. Smith
LANDINSIGHT - 2020 - Voice Over - Natan Grobler
THE REAL ITALIAN COFFEE - 2020 - Voice Over - Women in Coffee Shop - Sample Milano
VARIOUS CORPORATE EXPLAINER VIDEOS - 2020 - Voice Over - Darren Thomson - Movey Productions
BILINGUAL SPANISH/ENGLISH ANSWERPHONE - 2019 - Voice Over - Voice Over - Fox Fuel
IF BRANDS DID COMEDY - 2019 - Voice Over - Voice Over (Comedy) - White Label Comedy - Adam Hunt
VARIOUS CORPORATE EXPLAINER VIDEOS -2019 - Voice Over - Ignition Films
VARIOUS CORPORATE EXPLAINER VIDEOS - 2019 - Voice Over - House Cat Productions
TEACHERS PACK - 2015 - Voice Over - Singer, Narrator, Various Characters - Forum Teatro - Eduard Costa


-Proficient singer with mezzo-soprano range

-Able to post-produce in adobe audition and audacity

-Excellent ear for accents including :

Native accent: English (Home Counties/ Portsmouth) Accents (International): Australian, Dublin, Eastern European, French, Irish, Latin American, Scandinavian, Spanish Accents (UK): Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cockney, Cornish, Edinburgh, English, standard, Essex, Estuary English, Geordie, Glasgow, Hampshire, Kent, London, Manchester, Northern England, Northern Irish, Northern Working Class, RP, Scottish, South, Scottish, Standard, South London, Southern England, Sussex, Welsh, Southern, Welsh, Standard Accents (North American): Californian, General American, New York City,