B. Patrick

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"24 years as full time voice over artist"
B. Patrick

I've been a full time voice over artist for 24 years. I am an American male with an American standard accent, baritone voice. I have recorded just about everything you can imagine from commercials, narrations, video games, e-learning, promos, to even the voice of a digital rice cooker.


I started off in TV then moved to radio and eventually voice over being trained along the way by the various voice over artists, directors, and producers I've worked with for over 20 years. In particular, Harry Lim has been a great coach over the years.


I've worked for: Apple, Samsung, BMW, Burger King, Gucci, Hyundai, Microsoft, LG, Playstation, NC Soft, Oracle, AB Inbev, Nike, Levis


intermediate skills in post production with music and sound effects