Aurora Florence

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"Young mom with range from smoky sensual to energetic & musical"
Aurora Florence

I have been studying voice for over twenty years and every voice coach I've worked with comments on the range and flexibility I possess. While my natural register is low and connected I have the training and expertise to jump octaves and transform into diverse characters. One of my greatest natural abilities is mimicry. Couple this with my technical training and years of experience in the studio as a singer, you can rest assured your VO work is in safe hands.


BFA in Musical Theater from Brigham Young University - studied VO for several semesters as part of the curriculum.


My VO work ranges from commercial work for start ups such as Yoodilize, jingles for Web-Series, to character work for films and animation.


As a trained classical musician and singer-songwriter of over 20 years I have an excellent ear and know my voice better than the back of my hand. My knowledge of vocal technique and awareness of my instrument give me a unique ability to trouble shoot and make seemingly minuscule adjustments in sessions. I'm also a professional piano and violin teacher.