Arthur Romeo

Arthur Romeo

Miembro desde 3 años •
"I am the voice of versatility!"

I've been enamored with voice work ever since I was 12, I would memorize goof troop episodes and could recite the Lion King. My early fixation on this craft led me to start working on my mimicry skills and furthering my ability to have a wide range of voices and characters I could do. Receiving a degree in theatre helped my skills grow deeper in their foundations. Using everything I learn I remain a sponge so that I can keep absorbing and learning from every experience and every job in this voice venture.


I started practicing very early, all through High school I would play characters with accents. Then I spent 4 years at Prairie View University getting a degree and sharpening my dramatic skills. Since I've become professional, I go to seminars throughout the year to stay sharp.


I've worked with AT&T, RockStar's "Red Dead Redemption 2", Activision, and Avalance studios "Just Cause 4" Stan Lee's "The Reflection". I've done walla, dubbing and ADR for assorted projects from Bang Zoom, and Dubbing brothers. I recently have been casted as Jyubei in "Yashahime: Princess Half Demon" on Hulu.


I can Sing Baritone, and also mimic a few singers