Annie M. D.

Miembro desde 2 años
"Annie has a calm & warm North American female voice"

Looking for a calm and warm female voice for your next project? If you are looking for guided meditations, affirmations, podcast intros and outros, marketing videos, audiobooks, IVR, corporate e-learning or the like, I deliver every project with passion, honesty and empathy . I use professional equipment, and am available for live-directed sessions via zoom. I can't wait to work with you on your project!

I offer superb articulation, pronunciation and warmth in a neutral North American tone with no regional accent.


I have received training under Brendan Hunter in:
Voice Acting 101:
Focused on the vocal instrument and how to play with it. Starting out from the basics and diving deep into understanding the different parts, how to control them, and how to train them to ensure its longevity. Voicebox, articulators, posture, warmup and breathing techniques, consonants, plosives, sibilance, natural articulation, handling a lisp, mic techniques, and so much more was covered in this comprehensive class.
Voice Acting 201:
Focused on mastering how to emote and the "emotional roller coaster". Explore an emotional journey and break down common basic emotions and get in touch with how you express emotions for different situations and how you can bring this into everything you do. You will uncover effective ways for your characters to express their emotions and hidden intentions that will differ from your own. Learn the different elements that contribute to creating emotion in your script from an acting perspective as well as production. Master the tools and techniques that will help you bring your scripts to life. You will learn how listening and reacting will completely change the way you perform.

Voice Over training is on-going and I am always perfecting my craft!


Annie specializes in guided meditations, affirmations, podcast intros and outros, marketing videos, audiobooks and more.
Below are some of the clients and projects I have worked with:
-Blended care narration
-Connectome exhibit audio guide
-BoxLabs (MARS) marketing
-Tilly Tonka
-Roth Lochston
-Play Wicks meditations
-Mental health educational modules
-Falls novel sleep story audiobook
-Insightful Soul Podcast (several intros)
-Private guided meditations
-Many more!


As a trained meditation practitioner, my guided meditations and affirmations are professionally narrated and recorded. I offer post production services and royalty-free background music, if needed.

My voice overs are provided to you with proper pauses, excessive breathing removed and a smooth sound.

For a small additional fee, I also offer proofreading services on your scripts.