Anne B. Mattison-Ward

Anne B. Mattison-Ward

Miembro desde 2 años
"Clear, friendly, confident and trustworthy female voice"

Clients usually choose my voice for these criteria:
​- friendly, warm and reassuring
 - clear, authentic and confident
- cheerful and excited
- a specific timbre in the voice
- in the age range of 25-45
- Oslo accent / Eastern Norway / Bokmål
- English w/ neutral/non-placeable accent
- English w/ Scandinavian accent


- Degree in radio journalism with training in voice work, radio hosting, reportage.
- Previous work in local, regional and national radio stations as a journalist with voice-work and training with mentors.
- Trained by other skilled voiceover artists and mentors as I started working for national TV-stations.
- The last decade I have worked exclusively within the VO-industry with Norwegian as well as international clients, and gained a broad experience doing:
TV continuity & promos, commercials, commercials for kids, education & e-learning, corporates, instructions, alarm & telephone system voice, radio host, theatre announcements.


These are some of the companies who´ve used my voice:
BMW, Google Nest Protect, YouTube Premium, Aschehoug, LEGO, Clas Ohlson, TV6, TV3, Viaplay, Sanofi, Hewlett-Packard.


Home studio with the option of client listening in.