Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele

Miembro desde 4 años
"Reassuring, confident, distinctive and trustworthy tones"

My neutral British accent with a hint of my North West England roots engages audiences all over the UK and globally.

Whether it’s confident, trustworthy, reassuring, smooth and inviting, dynamic or quirky and fun, I have a range of styles to suit your copy.

Please see my website for more information and to listen to more demos.


With training in radio, TV and voiceover and more than 25 successful years in editorial, operational and commercial leadership roles for major broadcasters and service providers globally, I bring a breadth of experience to your work to deliver your copy with confidence, insight, authority - and a little bit of fun.

Voiceover 121 training - The
Home studio/ProTools/iZotpe training - The
Radio Presenter and Continuity Announcer Training - BBC
Studio Manager (Audio Engineering) training - BBC

As I was trained as an audio engineer by BBC radio, you can be sure my audio quality is excellent. I can edit, mix & deliver audio as required.


I've worked with all the major broadcasters and many of the UK's entertainment brands, as well as clients ranging from leading financial institutions, medical manufacturers and travel providers. See my website for more details, client list and testimonials.

Amongst the companies I have worked with are: BBC | ITV | Channel 4 | Channel 5 | Red Bee Media | A&E Networks | UKTV | National Theatre | Enriching Media | Catflap Media | Deloitte

“Andy exudes a professional calm and confidence in an articulate, engaging way but what I most appreciate is his humour and bright persona that makes him a joy to be around.” – Matt Westrup, A+E Networks.

“Andy is focused, extremely practical, and not afraid to throw himself into a project, to get the job done. And on top of all of that, he’s really fun to work with.” - Juliet Bayliss, Globecast.

“I often think of my ‘dream team’ line-up when delivering those hospital-pass projects that skip our way… Andy makes my list every time.” - Emma McCarthy, BBC Studios.

“Andy can translate complex technical processes and ideas into a clear narrative, easy for the non-technical to follow. He has an acute sense of the absurd and is simply fun to work with.” - Karen Harrison - CFO, Technology & Media.

"I was Immediately struck by Andy’s no-nonsense attitude delivered in a manner that made me immediately warm to him. In short he’s is the sort of guy you want delivering your project." - Ian Baker, Helecloud.

"I'd have no hesitation working with Andy or recommending him." - Karl Burnett, A+E Networks

"This man has talent and, with a refreshingly ‘can do’ attitude and a welcome dollop of warmth and humour, working with Andy has always been a pleasure." - Jane Ray, Catflap Media


Live broadcast, news reading, continuity writing & delivery.
Home studio to record, edit and deliver.