Alice Barber

Alice Barber

Miembro desde 4 años
"I can engage your audience...whatever you have to say."

My voice is most frequently described as authoritative, warm, reassuring, and clear. I am perfectly suited to corporate and explainer videos and have completed several projects for end clients in the healthcare and technology sectors. Your project might not have the most exciting narrative. Your script might be full of technical jargon. Whatever it is you need to say, there's still a story to be told and I can help you connect with your audience. I take pride and enjoyment in finding the perfect way to put your message across and my clients have been impressed with my engaging delivery. I typically work with small video production companies and my clients welcome my friendly and clear communication from first contact to completed project.


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Gravy for the Brain


I have just completed the voiceover for the fourth in a series of animated videos produced by Luke Maitland of Animated Magic ( for the National Health Service (Mouth Care Matters). These animated videos, which focus on the importance of oral care and hygiene, are aimed at healthcare workers, many of whom are non-native English speakers. Clarity is therefore supremely important, as is the quality of the audio file. I recorded and edited three of these voiceovers in my home studio. I am particularly proud of this achievement because the four videos were not commissioned as a series at the outset - this is repeat business, with the client returning to Animated Magic for each new project and requesting my services every time.

Other experience includes:
voiceovers commissioned by The Video Alchemists ( for end clients BNP Paribas and Hewlett Packard Enterprise
a voiceover commissioned by Ping Media BV for the geospatial data company, GeoCat (


I offer basic edits (e.g. pop/click removal) as standard and can undertake limited processing (e.g. equalizing and normalizing) if requested by the client and can deliver files in .wav or .mp3 as preferred. I can usually offer a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.