Alec Shea

Miembro desde 6 años •
"A young and energetic smooth baritone, American or Australian!"

I can bring great energy to any scripts with a young adult voice and a baritone/lower range voice. Clients have complimented me on my warmth and friendliness as well as my vigour and energy.

I'm familiar not only with commercial style narration (explainer/web videos, commercials, E-learning, etc.) but also with acting/character voicing for games, animations, films, etc. I've got a large range of realistic and unrealistic voices I can provide for all kinds of projects and with a degree in audio production, can manipulate them as necessary for clients who don't have their own audio engineer.

I'm a born an raised Australian with an authentic accent and have also trained in American accent. Many professional projects have been completed in both!


I've completed a Bachelors Degree in audio engineering, during which I gained a little experience and coaching for voiceovers I recorded while studying. Moreover, the technical audio skills I gain became very useful in helping me understand how to get the best sound out of my recordings.

Later I began "learning on the job" getting projects from various avenues related to my audio skills. Since then I've begun regular training with some top professionals in Melbourne.


Companies I've voiced for include but are not limited to:
- Corpse Factory - Role: Kenji (American, Game Character)
- Gunvolt 3 - Role: Milas (Australian, Game Character)
- Arknights 3rd Anniversary (Australian, In-Game Commercial Announcer)
- Intermatic (American)
- Kube Systems (Australian Company, American Accent Performance)
- Australian Financial Freedom (Australian)
- Resolve (app) (Australian)
- Sleepy Duck Games - Learn Japanese To Survive: Katakana War (American, Game Character)
- appMink (American, Kids Animations)
- Mandragora Games - Skyhill (American, Game Character)


As well as voiceover/voice acting, I also freelance as a composer, audio engineer and sound effects designer. I can provide professional standard work in any of these fields!