Akkarin Satitpatanapan

Miembro desde 3 años
"An athletic grizzly bear in a dark tailored suit"

A Conference Interpreter by training and a Voice Talent by practice, Akkarin have been living behind the mic since 2008. Found that most of his clients recognized him by his voice rather than his name, he was recommended by one of his clients to a studio called Andovar (Bangkok) one of the world's fastest growing language service provider today with premium translation, localization , and multimedia production services. Within weeks after the demo was recorded, Akkarin earned a spot as a Thai Voice Talent in Andovar's regular roster since 2009.

During the beginning years, Akkarin's voice was selected mostly by large corporate clients to cover corporate contents such as corporate presentations, training materials, and explainers. The project manager even joked that maybe his warm baritone voice made the clients feel like 'safe & healthy' and trustworthy. Unfortunately, if you've heard Akkarin's sound from his early works, chances that you're either at risk of having medical condition, working with dangerous machinery, or simply need to stay safe unless an insurance company will call you. He gradually progressed into something more 'exciting' such as documentaries and audio guides. In the last few years, with surging demand in online content production, voice acting has become a large part in Akkarin's VO works including dubbed movie and localized online games. He was not the main protagonist type, but quite flexible for many supporting roles - and villains. Who would've thought that the safety guy could be a big bad Orc!


- Master of Translation and Interpreting, Macquarie University, Sydney 2006-2007. [Voice training was a big part of the interpreter training.]

- The Metropolitan Opera of Bangkok (The MOB): Chorus, Baritone Singer

- Suphakarn music school: Voice & Singing Classes


- Voice Talent for Andovar since 2009

- The Metropolitan Opera of Bangkok (The MOB): Der Freischütz Opera, Bngkok production

- Mitrsiam Band


Singing (Thai, English, Japanese), Voice Acting, Audio Editing, Translation (English Thai), Translation/Script Editing.