Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed Ahmed

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Masterful Arabic Voice Over, warm and friendly voice."

Hello and Welcome, I'm Ahmed Y. Ahmed, an Arabic voice-over artist with a warm, friendly voice.
I like to produce Arabic knowledge multimedia projects, especially audiobooks, and e-learning.
I have great experience in doing other voiceover jobs like IVR & Phone System recording, Training materials, Industrial materials, Medical scripts, Dubbing, Voice acting, Documentary, Narration, Video game, Radio & TV commercials, etc.
As founder of tunefulvoice.com, I can manage/produce big voiceover projects requiring many voice talents.
In the latest years, I have worked as a trainer and mentor, in training and coaching new voiceover talents, training their technical and freelancing skills in the voiceover field, and doing freelance work.

Clients testimonials:
"Ahmed is one of the best Arabic Voice Over talents we've had the pleasure to work with on the platform. We've collaborated with him several times and he always delivers high-quality audio quickly and professionally. We look forward to working with Ahmed again!"
"Mr. Ahmed is such a delightful person to have around. He is a great voiceover and an outstanding mentor with a rich experience of 20 years. He is innovative, organized as well as helpful, and always shares new ideas and suggestions. It was a pleasure to work with him for all these years."
"Ahmed's quality of work has been excellent, his helpful and professional support has led us to use his services more than once, glad to work with him in the future."

I'll be happy to be your next project voiceover artist & producer and respond to your messages.


Fadi matar, Aljazeera training center, Doha - Qatar, 2006


Companies I am proud to work with as a voice artist:
HP, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Cigna, Gulf innovation, Storytel, Aitnews, etc.


My other services include:
Audio Engineering.
Producing big audiobook projects.
Translation & Localization.
Coaching, Training, and Mentoring.