Adam Schoeller

Miembro desde 1 año
"I am comforting, commanding, soothing, and informative."

I am a vocal talent who has had success as a singer and voice over artist. I also have over a decade of experience as a professional recording engineer and currently work as and engineer and producer in Los Angeles, CA. I know a great vocal when I hear one. I am intimately familiar with the vocal ability and versatility required to achieve a truly convincing vocal performance and delivery. I know what it takes to get you the voice you need.


I have been a trained vocalist for all of my life. I began a singing as a young child and excelled in all areas of public speaking, debate, dramatic performance, and musical vocal delivery for over 20 years. My skills as an orator have allowed me the privilege of being the speaker for my own high school and college graduations, at weddings, and as a poetry and spoken word reader in a variety of scenarios. I have taken acting classes with a focus on vocal performance and delivery.


I have been hired talent on several television shows including The Voice, Growing Up Hip Hop, Love and Hip Hop, and several podcasts both as a speaker and a musical performer.


My special skills, outside of vocal work, include copywriting, songwriting, audio engineering, music/audio editing, audio post for picture, audio/music mixing, and audio/music mastering. I have also had the pleasure of working with some of today's biggest pop, hip hop, and rock musicians. There is no situation, no matter how political or intense, that is uncomfortable for me. I am professionally flexible and welcome the most critical of opinion. My ultimate focus is to achieve the ideal sonic solution for a clients needs.