Aaron Steward

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"Authoritative but Youthful - Dignified yet Energetic"
Aaron Steward

My voice is distinctive. In a "people stop their conversations to listen" kind of way. In a "strangers on the phone stop their sales pitch to ask me to say something" kind of way. In a "I get gigs walking down the street" kind of way. When I speak, people listen. Whether I'm behind the booth by myself, on a stage in front of hundreds, or broadcasting over the radio waves to thousands, if you want it to make an impact, I'm your guy!


Intro to Animation - The Voicecaster with Dave Boat - Los Angeles, CA - 2019
Commercial Voice 1 - Voiceworks with Laine Frasier - Austin, TX -2018
Private VO Commercial Coaching - WL Jenkins - Remote - 2017/20
Improv 1 - Upright Citizens Brigade with Dan Hodapp - Los Angeles, CA - 2019/20
Acting for Film - The Actor's School - Austin, TX - 2018


Continuing Education
Home Exercise Program - CEU360 - Recorded 1000+ 30sec spots for a physical therapy program

Penny Luck Dress Shoes 60 sec radio spot

Dudley and Bob with Matt in the Morning - Intern/On-air contributor - Austin, TX - 2015

Suit Up (men's style podcast) - Host/Writer/Editor/Publisher
Sirenicide (Horror podcast) - Detective Walter

Event EmCee:
Data Center Austin Conference - Event Host/Corporate Voice (both on stage and God mic) - Austin, TX - 2018/19/20 (covid permitting)
BARk-itechture (Bastrop Animal Rescue fundraiser) - Event EmCee (God mic) - Austin, TX - 2018
Dress for Success - Tailored Brands Event Host - Abilene, TX - 2016/17/28
ACU FilmFest - Event Host (God mic) - Abilene, TX - 2016/18


Skilled with Adobe Audition and capable of post-production.
Continuing Education
Classical Guitar (intermediate skill)
Singing (Bass/Baritone)
Explainer Video
Realty Walk-Through narrations